My tarot journey began with quiet curiosity, and quickly blossomed into a wholehearted love affair with these 78 intriguing possibilities. After several years of tarot study and personal work with the cards, Two Sides Tarot burst into being on 28th December, 2013. It has been the home of my professional tarot offerings, writing, and daily card slinging every since!

WHO AM I? Apart from being a professional tarot reader, I am a bookseller with over a decade’s experience in the trade, an avid reader, a passionate Instagrammer, and a maker of bad paintings. I hold an MA in English, specialising in frontier gothic traditions in American literature and pop culture. My love of the text and my love of the cards intersect at the point of storytelling, and I’m endlessly fascinated by the structures, genres, archetypes, and traditions of story and their uses in modern life. In my view, tarot is a wonderful tool for accessing the power of story, for examining the personal in light of the mythic and archetypal, for re-writing endings and creating new beginnings.

WHAT'S MY TAROT PHILOSOPHY? I approach the cards as a practical device for storytelling, a device that allows us to access new perspectives, unveil hidden plot points, discover new directions, and most importantly, to empower us to make the most of the knowledge we uncover.

Tarot offers us thousands upon thousands of ideas to work with, which in turn can start an infinite number of conversations about what it means to be a human being and to have human experiences. Your future is not set in stone, and rather than try to predict where your life will take you, a tarot reading can empower you to fashion a future for yourself that feels intentional, meaningful and righteously badass - whatever that means to you!

WHAT ARE MY TOOLS OF THE TRADE? I am an acknowledged tarot hoarder, and generally have several different decks in my reading rotation at any one time. You can catch a glimpse of my current deck obsessions on my blog or Instagram. For client readings, I select a deck from the current rotation according to my intuition. At the moment, you’ll be likely to see the Spirit Speak Tarot, the Wild Unknown Tarot, Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot, the Dreaming Way tarot, or maybe even the good ol’ Rider Waite Smith. It's good to have options!

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