November's Deck of the Month

Golly gosh! November already. It's hard to believe that the humble Weather Report has been cranking along daily for almost a year! Every month, we've explored the images and ideas of a new deck, with some diverse and exciting takes on tarot tradition popping up along the way.

November's deck of the month is one of my favourites, The Transformational Tarot, a collage deck by the inimitable Arnell Ando (who also happens to be the publisher of The Dark Goddess Tarot, which we all fell in love with earlier this year).

When I first acquired this deck back in May, I spent a little time making friends with it and seeing what it had to say. Head on back to my original post to find out more about The Transformational Tarot! Want to catch up on all the Weather Report decks so far for 2014? You can find a little bit of info about each of them here

Which tarot decks have been rocking your worlds lately? Found anything new and exciting? Let me know in the comments!

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