New Moon in Taurus: My Month Ahead

In the past few months, I've found it really helpful to throw a special spread in honour of the New Moon. The renewal of the lunar cycle sees a refresh in energy down here on planet earth, and this spread has become an essential tool to help me clarify the comings and goings in my own life each month. My reading from the New Moon in Aries, along with further developments on the Full Moon, illuminated a lot of challenging stuff that had been hidden beneath the surface for me. Tarot never pulls punches, that's for sure! I'm still working on all of that, but, as this month wanes, it does feel as though those difficult energies are dissipating a little.  

In the spirit of new energy, I thought it appropriate to use a different deck, so I've chosen the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini. It's been a while since we've worked together, but this deck remains one of my favourites. It is a comfort to see its soft colours and familiar geometric 70's weirdness - just what I needed after a challenging month! So, now what?

1. What am I releasing from the lunar cycle just past? Page of Swords

2. What am I manifesting in the coming lunar cycle? Queen of Pentacles

3. How can I support myself in this process? Ace of Cups

4. A piece of advice, or something I should know, for the month ahead: Four of Swords reversed

Call me a coward, but after the intense energies of all those Majors last month, I'm pretty relieved to see that this month my concerns will be more worldly. So much of last month was spent in agonised mind-wringing, it will be nice to bring some focus back to the day-to-day. Appropriate for earthy Taurus, no? 

The Page of Swords seems to suggest that it's time to let go of that agonising and anxiety. Much of last month was spent wondering wondering how to put something amorphous like "My Soul's Journey" into a practical to-do list (I'm a Capricorn, shuddup, I can't help it!). The Page of Swords says, handwringing and trying to force inspiration and organisation is unhelpful. This month ahead is not for trying pointlessly to pin down abstract plans. Let go of that mental restlessness. 

Funny that I should have the Queen of Pentacles appear as my manifestation card this month, as she was last month's piece of advice, and being an earthy, practical soul, a comfort to me in the face of all this intangible stuff. I'd hug her if I could! She says, "Your job is to focus on doing the tangible things that you can do. Keep your feet on the ground, and your hands in the dirt." I feel as though I am being given permission to do what I do best! For the next four weeks, if I feel myself becoming overwhelmed, I'm going to say, "Fuck it, let's garden!" Keep my hands busy and leave my pesky subconscious unattended. Who knows what might happen? 

The Ace of Cups says that all this doing must come intuitively, from a place of creativity and instinct. It also needs to be shared, to be part of something bigger. Once again I am reminded to give some attention to the people in my life, to share the journey and to make the time for connection. My tarot practice will also be a wonderful outlet for this, as I connect and share with you guys, my beautiful clients and readers. Ultimately, the Ace of Cups asks for practical generosity, so while I get my hands dirty I'll be keeping my heart open, and pouring my love and attention into those Queen of Pentacles to-dos. 

The Four of Swords reversed challenges me to see that there is a difference between contemplation and fixation. In hindsight, last month's Eight of Cups saw me fleeing from my thoughts and feelings, rather than taking time out with them. I have been avoiding meditation and reflection in the last couple of weeks because they have become associated with the fretting and turmoil, but this card says that doesn't have to be the way. This is just as well, because I'm off on a weekend meditation retreat in May, and I don't want to spend that time running the anxiety gauntlet!  The Four of Swords advises not to be afraid of quiet. Those Queen of Pentacles moments when my hands are busy and my mind is idle will be my teachers this month.

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How was your April? Did the wild astrological happenings cause you any strife or self-discovery?