Making Friends with The Dark Goddess Tarot

Oh boy! I have been lusting after Ellen Lorenzi-Prince's captivating Dark Goddess Tarot for months, so you can imagine my glee when I opened my mailbox one day to find that a beautiful friend had gifted me a copy of this work of art. Thank you, beautiful friend!

The Dark Goddess Tarot features a goddess or mythical female figure on every card, capturing images, deities and ideas from all over the world, ancient and modern, relatively speaking. I am really struggling to write a pithy and concise summary of this deck, because it honestly renders me speechless! The scope of research, understanding and intention that has been poured into its creation is breathtaking, and it radiates from every card. My knowledge of world mythology isn't great, so thank goodness my wonderful friend also supplied me with the guidebook for this deck. I can see that this is going to be such an education for me!

I'm so excited to work more closely with this inspired creation, so I'm pleased to say this will be our Deck of the Month for June's daily Weather Report (my free daily reading, which you can follow on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr). For the month of June, we'll have a fearsome and fascinating goddess a day!

Before we start our daily practice, let's make our introductions. Our first stop, as ever, is The Hierophant. 

It shouldn't be surprising, given every card in this deck features a female figure, but I'm still excited to see a Lady Hierophant - they're few and far between! In this deck, The Hierophant is Cybele, Anatolian Mountain Mother. She is a goddess of the earth, worshiped in ancient Turkey, Greece and Rome, and she represents the ties and ceremonies that bind us - to each other and to the earth. The mountain represents the connection between the earthly realm and the heavens, which aligns so beautifully with the role of The Hierophant as a representative of the divine on earth. Lorenzi-Prince has done a wonderful job marrying up the tradition of The Hierophant and this powerful, earthy deity. 

Now, let's dig a little deeper. Dark Goddess Tarot, what can you tell me about your beautiful self?

Did I mention that one of the best things about this deck is the re-naming of the court cards? Pages are Amazons, Knights are Sirens, Queens are Witches, and Kings are Hags. Cool, right? So, Siren of Water (Aphrodite) and Witch of Earth (Inanna). It seems my journey with this deck is going to be something of a love affair! These cards are a visual and intellectual feast, and Aphrodite, Greek goddess of beauty and love, invites us all to immerse ourselves in their imagery. Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of fertility, speaks of how much inspiration working with these cards will bring. New knowledge, new ideas, and abundant creativity! Both of these goddesses stress the importance of bringing intention, beauty and sensory experience into the every day, so I suspect this deck will be best used in daily ritual work. And what is the Weather Report, if not a daily ritual?

Interestingly, these are both quite sensual, sexy sort of cards! The Weather Report so far has been quite chaste, but perhaps we're going to get to know each other a little more intimately in the month ahead? Ooh la la! 

Have you worked with the Dark Goddess Tarot? I'd love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below!

P.S. It turns out that this deck is published by the inimitable Arnell Ando, creator of The Transformational Tarot, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Funny coincidence, no?

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