Honouring Your Instincts

Image by Forest Girl -   Source

Image by Forest Girl - Source

It's been a little quite around these parts this week. Although I had an exciting and full blog schedule for you all, somehow I just haven't felt compelled to sit down and write. In the past few days, I've been avoiding emails and blogging, and instead filling my hours with reading, journaling, meditation, and moon ritual. Oh, and playing with my cat, who seems to be full of beans and hankering for connection with his people. 

I'd say most likely this is the influence of our friend Mercury, who seems to be, from where we stand at least, moving backwards across the skies. We humans are hugely suggestible, and I don't know if I am feeling withdrawn because of what the planets are up to, or because I've simply read about what the planets are up to and unconsciously metabolised that as my own intention.

Either way, I have been led by instinct these past few days, whether organic or implanted, and it feels natural and fulfilling. Consulting the stars or the cards is an invaluable exercise for decision making and clarity seeking, but at the heart of it all, we have to honour our own instincts. Our deep wisdom and intuition are the best guides we have, and more often than not I find that the oracles we turn to will validate our own instinct. Learning to trust can be difficult, but putting it into practice in small ways (like, for example, withdrawing from your own blog despite a full schedule of posts!) works those muscles of inner wisdom and helps us to build up the strength to be guided by our own inner compass. 

So, friends, trust your guts. There is some great stuff out there about Mercury's influence right now. Read it and be guided by it, or don't. Whatever feels right to you. Now I'm going to close my laptop and retreat back into my cave until it seems natural to emerge. See you then!