GUEST POST: Resting In Your Centre - Exploring The Hermit's Wisdom (Part 2)

Yesterday, one of my favourite humans shared a spread she designed based on The Hermit card. See Part One of Resting in Your Centre here. This blog series is courtesy of tarot reader, poet, apprentice druid, copy editor and writer Janine Prince. Find out more about Janine at her website, or follow her on Twitter

Yesterday, I described how I was inspired to spend some time with The Hermit in these strange days after the Solstice. It's that funny time when we're compelled to notice how many months of the year have already flown by, and to wonder what happened to our intentions and plans for 2014. This spread asks us to take a little time out, to go out onto our spiritual mountainside, and to realign with our values, our hopes, and our intentions (you can find details of how I created this spread, and instructions for its execution in yesterday's guest post).

From the Crowley Thoth Tarot

From the Crowley Thoth Tarot

So how does this play out?

I did a reading for myself using the Thoth deck. Here's what I came up with.

In position One, The Hood,  I drew The Universe.
This happens a bit for me – I wasn’t too surprised to see this card. I can get caught up in the interconnectedness of things and the wonderful exhilarating everything dance of the cosmos. My boundaries are a bit loose. That’s fantastic for my sense of universal love and compassion and overall spiritual integrity but it can make practical things (like moving house) really awkward. So In this period, I need to draw my hood up against the swirling energies of union and work through my practical lists and plans. 

Position Two, the Lantern, Queen of Cups. 
You and I have never met, but I love you. We and I are part of this amazing world together and your pain, your history, your hopes and happiness, they resonate in a unique way through your life that nonetheless reinforces the deep truth that we are all one. You and I are the sisters and brothers and cousins. My life’s purpose is somehow to help you. Maybe I can make you laugh when your heart is dry or give you some light in a dark night. My guiding purpose is to manifest love, to learn how to solve problems from a position of love, to forgive those who inspire hate (include those dark parts of myself). To remember that humans live and thrive inside relationship even when we’re tired and even when we’re angry and pushing people away. That’s not always easy, but it is a light for me when I hit a difficulty. So at the moment, I am moving house and I feel very vulnerable about the change. I need to remember that love is available to me too as a resource and as a support. I can accept help, not just from family but also friends and even acquaintances and strangers. I need to create an opportunity for that to come in and *ask*. That light can flow both ways right now.

Position Three, The Staff, 2 Cups.
Love is my guide, as you will have picked up already from the previous two cards. What steadies me personally inside the maelstrom of living is the daily reality of being present in an intimate partnership. This wasn’t always the case and I am grateful every day for this opportunity. There have been some hard, and painful times earlier this year when I veered badly off course and this love held strong and steadied me. I have been very ill and wondered anything could get better. It did, and the courage to act on it each day came from this support. That reminds me, I’ll get some flowers and chocolates on the way home.

Position Four, The Legs, Death.
I laughed out loud when I turned this card over. My friend Death has been in every personal reading for the past 18 months or so, but you don’t know that, and I thought “That might spin people out a bit.”. The propulsion and motivation I have for moving house is that I was so very very stuck. I was in the rut of ruts. This October would have been 7 years in that position. You want stale energy - I was your poster child! So you can imagine that every single project and intention and activity leading up to the ability to make the decision (let alone undertake the move) required little deaths, I have died and died and I will die again soon. This series of external transformations has been liberating, terrifying and awakening. This card in this position is a very positive reinforcement for me that I am on track. Death has taught me how letting go of the right things can be a strength.

Position Five, The Mountains, Queen of Disks.
In my story I am indeed looking back over the barren past and seeing a long journey towards manifesting wealth of experience in the physical plane and learning how to nurture my body. This is a card of renewal and of fruitfulness. I love her sensual horns and her confident pose and in this position she gives me a sense that the deaths and the pain and the darkness have not been unnoticed. This journey is bringing me closer to mastery of this level. This Queen reinforces the message in the Hood too – the physical world takes physical skills and a physical engagement to effectively dealt with. A higher purpose and a greater calling still need one’s body to be fed and for the rent to be paid.

So there it is, a return to your centre via the surly old Hermit. If you like this or have any questions or comments, please let me know by either emailing me directly or through a comment here back to Two Sides. Please feel very welcome to link to this page too and share this reading if you find it useful, which I really hope that you do. My love to you.

Don't forget to catch up on yesterday's post about Returning to Centre with The Hermit. We'd love to hear your insights about The Hermit and your experiences with this spread. You are welcome to drop Janine a line or share your thoughts in the comments!