Further Reading - 14th July 2014

My clients approach me with all sorts of dilemmas and queries - from questioning life purpose, to relationship issues, to setting career goals, to spiritual dilemmas. The cards always grace us with great advice specific to the individual question, but most of my readings have one thing in common - an emphasis on self care. What I've found as I've listened to countless friends, family members, and clients express their hopes and worries, and as I've explored my own, is that you really can't put your best foot forward in any situation if that foot isn't steady enough to stand on!

To extend the metaphor, steadying that foot is all about fortifying the self, replenishing your reserves and nourishing yourself so that you feel loved, strong, confident and capable to step forth, to pursue what you want and to be loving and supportive of others - a spiritual and emotional pedicure, if you will! There has been so much wonderful writing about self care floating around recently, so I thought it fitting that we kick off our Monday with some of the best ideas for radical self love!

The ever-insightful Beth over at Little Red Tarot writes about how important is to regularly fill your well. You can only get good stuff out if you first put good stuff in, after all! This post deals particularly with creative work, but the idea of well-filling is applicable to all aspects of life. 

I love, love, love Everyday Feminism's honest take on self care, because sometimes lighting a candle or taking a few deep breaths simply doesn't cut it. Suggestion #1 is something often left out when we talk about self care, and this article makes me realise what an oversight that is!

Always big on the radical self love, Gala Darling provides a huge list of ways to look out for yourself if you're not so into fluffy bunnies and bubble baths. No messin' here!

Ask, Are You Serious About Loving Yourself? This two-part series from Always Well Within helps us get honest about what's going on inside, and shows how important it is to get that spring of loving kindness flowing within, before we can let it flow out into the world. 

Finally, 15 Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, from The Spirit Science. You don't need to be working intuitively or in the sacred arts to benefit from these suggestions! Unless you're living in hermit bliss on a desert island, chances are you interact with those around you every day, at work, while commuting, at home, and at play, and even in the most positive of interactions, I bet you pick up on the vibe of those around you. These tips are great for coming back into your own zone, so to speak, getting yourself centered and refreshed after spending time out in the world.

What are your go-to practices for self care? How do you show love and support to your own precious self? Let me know in the comments!