Further Reading - 21st July 2014

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Here's what I've been loving lately. Happy Monday everyone!

Always Well Within asks, Are You Constantly Driven To Do More? Ooh boy, did this ever resonate with me! When you feel enslaved by expectation and to-do lists, the ever-insightful Sandra Pawula suggests making friends with your inner driver, giving her a bit of a hug, and helping her calm down. Just what I needed!

LinkedIn says, Don't Give Away Your Magic For Free. This wonderful article goes out to all my fellow tarot-preneurs and fledgling small business owners who might be struggling with standing by their rates. It's tough, but so important if you are going to honour your skills, respect your paying customers, and build a thriving business!

Um, who doesn't love Upworthy? They bring me all the good things! This week, I loved 6 1/2 Years of Selfies Show Her Life With Mental Illness, in which youtube blogger and cat person Rebecca Brown shares a photo a day from the ages of 14 to 21, documenting all the ups and downs in between. Some people are so generous with their stories!

I've been catching up on some productivity porn this week, and I really enjoyed this list of the Six Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day. From the first tip, it recognises that we're humans, not productivity bots, and we need to work with our fabulously fallible humanness, not in spite of it. Also, it's another reminder that I have to bust my first-thing-in-the-morning email habit. Does anyone else struggle with this? I know it puts me on the back foot first thing, and yet... I'm completely addicted to it! 

I loved this TED talk about How to Thrive in a World Where Change is Constant. Funnily enough, Joi Ito's ideas about problem solving, learning, and encouraging creativity totally jive with my approach to tarot - acting intuitively, collaborating with others, allowing yourself to get uncomfortable, and working in the present, rather than focusing on the past or future. Great advice for business and life in general, as well as tarot!

And a bonus sixth link for the week - This person sent all their text messages in calligraphy for a week. Such a sweet way to practice a new skill, and to take a little time over your communications. 

What have you guys been reading and loving this week?