Top 5 Tarot Creativity Prompts - King of Swords

In this blog series, I'll draw a card at random and use its energy and ideas to cook up five brain-sizzling creativity prompts. You can use these to think about particular situation you are experiencing, or as writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing, or simply as food for thought to fill an idle moment. You can journal these prompts, or just mull them over in your mind, meditate on them, workshop them collaboratively, or blog them (if you're sharing them somewhere, let me know in the comments below! I'd love to see what you come up with). I'll be using the Aquarian Tarot for this draw, so my comments will refer specifically to its imagery, but feel free to draw from a different deck if you prefer! See the full Creativity Prompts series here

Our card this week? The King of Swords. 

The King of Swords is a card of mental mastery, rationality, authority, and just the right amount of ruthlessness. What does he stir up for you?

1. Where are you at with your drive right now? Are you feeling motivated, fuelled up, focused? Do you have a goal in your sights that you're relentless working towards? Or, are you feeling a little flat, unfocused, or unsure about where the path leads? What do you think it would take to get moving again?

2. Have there been times when your drive has taken precedence over your feelings, your other obligations, your relationships? When have you found it beneficial to be single-minded in your focus? When have you realised you needed to broaden or soften your gaze?

3. What new skills are you learning? What level of mastery are you aiming for? What skills do you fantasise about learning, or hope to take up in the future? When will you know you have reached mastery of these skills?

4. What practices do you turn to when you need to clear your mind? The King is unmoved by emotional outbursts or mental chatter. How do you move yourself into a space of inner calm and clarity? Is this something you struggle with, or something that comes easily? Why, do you think?

5. Objectivity is hard, but the King of Swords reminds us that it is necessary at times. Think about a question you are struggling to answer, a situation you unsatisfied with, or a problem you're trying to solve. How can you get out of your own way on this? Is it possible to evaluate the situation without emotions and expectations, purely based on facts? What would help you to be more objective? 

Looking for more fuel for your fire? You can find the other posts in this creativity series here. As ever, if you're blogging or journaling this series, let me know where I can find you in the comments!

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