Making Friends with the Mystical Cats Tarot

September's Deck of the Month is the Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and Mickie Mueller. You may have noticed that this introduction to September's deck is a little late, and if you follow the daily Weather Report (and you definitely should! Find it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr), you have probably become quite well acquainted with this fabulous kitty-themed deck. 

For those who haven't yet encountered it, the Mystical Cats Tarot features, somewhat unsurprisingly, cats instead of humans on each and every card. At times all those cats can seem a little too cute, but so far this month I've found its images and symbols to be perfectly functional, and where it is cute, it is also purposeful and meaningful. And isn't that what we want when looking for a good working tarot deck?

As ever, my first port of call is The Hierophant. Let's see what feline form he takes!

Aww! So serious and sweet! This handsome fellow makes reference to the veneration of cats in ancient Egypt, which, if you're going in a feline direction, is the perfect association to make with The Hierophant. This card successfully captures the themes of worship and tradition, which apply both in the tarot and in the history of cats in religion and mythology. There's nice symmetry here! 

Now, let's dive a little deeper. I drew two cards, asking, "Mystical Cats, what can you tell me about yourself?"

I drew the Nine of Fire and the Three of Fire - clearly this is a fiesty deck! My first impression is that this deck thinks itself great for deep spiritual and creative work. Evidently we are not to be fooled into thinking the cats are all light and playful! The Nine of Fire suggests this deck would be great for ritual work, together and in groups, and that perhaps a mutual passion for our feline friends might be  great way to bring other tarot enthusiasts together (certainly my social media peeps have been having a grand old time with these kitties!). 

The Three of Fire is an exciting proposition, because it suggests this deck is capable of taking us somewhere new, and that there is a possibility here for great adventure and discovery! The overwhelming message is that this deck is not to be underestimated, and that if we engage with it seriously, there is a lot of power and potential to be found. Bring it on, I say! 

What do you think about the Mystical Cats Tarot, and cat-themed decks in general? Do you have any similar decks you'd recommend? 

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