Top 5 Tarot Creativity Prompts - Two of Rods

In this blog series, I'll draw a card at random and use its energy and ideas to cook up five brain-sizzling creativity prompts. You can use these to think about particular situation you are experiencing, or as writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing, or simply as food for thought to fill an idle moment. You can journal these prompts, or just mull them over in your mind, meditate on them, workshop them collaboratively, or blog them (if you're sharing them somewhere, let me know in the comments below! I'd love to see what you come up with). I'll be using the Aquarian Tarot for this draw, so my comments will refer specifically to its imagery, but feel free to draw from a different deck if you prefer!

Our card this week? The Two of Rods.

The Two of Rods is all about turning your gaze to the horizon. What adventure lies beyond? 

1. The big question this card asks is, "What's your next move?" Are you a maker of lists, or are you winging it? What's the big goal you have in your sights, and what's the next step towards it? (See, creativity prompts can be productive!)

2. The figure on this card has the whole world in her hands. If you could step out your door at this very moment and be anywhere in the world, where would you choose to be? Reflect on where you've traveled, the places you've been, and the ones you've only dreamed of. 

3. Think about how we represent the world. Who captures the earth, the city, life, in a way that inspires you? Think about your favourite writers, poets, musicians, photographers, artists, and try to articulate what it is you love so much about their vision.

4. Invent a country, a city, a place, a landscape. What does it look like? Feel like? Taste? Smell like? What creatures inhabit it? Is it somewhere you could go? And how do you feel when you are there? 

5. The Two of Rods is about nothing if not dreaming big, while preparing to take small steps. Go to your window, or open your door. What do you see? Take the time to describe it, even if it's something you're bored with because you see it every day. Find something new to see when you look from that same old perspective. It's a useful skill! 

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