Excuse Me While I Step Out For a Moment

A work that I regrettably can't find the name of, by one of my favourite painters, Pegge Hopper. 

Just a quick note today to let you know that Two Sides Tarot will be away from the reading table from Friday 6th of November until Sunday 15th November. One of my dearest friends is getting hitched up on the North Coast, and I'm taking a week out to celebrate with her, lounge on the beach, and catch up with some of my northern-dwelling pals.

Ordinarily, I do some tarot work when on the road, but this time, I felt like I could use a proper break. I won't be doing any client readings or the daily Weather Report while I'm away. I have left the shop open though, so if it takes your fancy, you can book a reading during this time. Please be aware though that I will be fulfilling your order after I return on Monday 16th of November, so my usual lead time of 5 days does not apply. Even mystics need a little time to chill on the beach, right?! 

In my absence, here's some stuff to keep you busy - 

A great interview with the always-otherworldly Joanna Newsom. This woman is a visionary! If you haven't listened to her new album, Divers, yet, do yourself a favour and get on it.

Some of you may know that I'm obsessed with listening to other people's creepy stories. The Jezebel annual scary stories contest is always a goldmine, but this year's best find has been this reddit thread, in which a US Forest Service Search and Rescue officer describes some of the eerie and inexplicable things they have seen while deep in the woods. Random staircases, anyone?! Warning - it is both disturbing and addictive!

Do you follow my friend Janine's blog? She posts a thoughtful, personal essay every Friday, which always strikes a chord with me. Her beautiful works are on a whole range of topics, but at heart, her writing is always about what it means to try to live well in the modern world. She's writing about creativity at the moment because she's undertaking Nanowrimo for the I-don't-know-how-many-eth year in a row. Wish her luck!

Have you seen the recently released Earthbound Oracle deck? After a post-related delay, my copy finally arrived and golly gee, this deck is The Business! I'll write a proper deck interview when I return, but suffice it to say, this thing is really special. Andy Swartz is an incredible artist with a deep understanding of cartomancy practice, both tarot and otherwise. Please do consider supporting his work and picking up a copy of the Earthbound Oracle or the Wooden Tarot. Thank me later!

Have a good week! I hope you're up to something fun. If you feel like sharing, let me know what you're up to in the comments, and I'll read it all with great interest when I return!