TST Update: Tarot Gifts, Guests Posts, New Years

Just a quick update from me this week, instead of the usual Friday post, as I've been snowed under with client work and Christmas craziness at the bookshop. While I haven't had time to formulate and produce a thoughtful, tarot-based post for you this week, I am so, so grateful to be busy with work I love! How great is it that I get to spend my days creating tarot readings for spiritual seekers and dealing great literature to book lovers?! I am so lucky! If you are one of the clients who has kept me busy this week, please know that I so appreciate you inviting me into your world and trusting me to throw some cards for you. Seriously. You rule! 

On that note, here's a bit of shameless horn tooting about what's up in Two Sides Tarot land right now - 

New Year Readings are available now for a limited time! This seasonal offering pops up but once a year, in time for the changing of the calendar. This 12-card spread explores the lessons, challenges and victories of the year just passed, looks at what energies might be coming your way in the new year, and offers some guidance for how to make the most of 2016. It's an epic read, running to a length of 3500-4000 words! If you're feeling reflective about the end of the year, or just excited to get on board with 2016, this reading is for you! Book yours here

Two Sides Tarot also offers gift readings! If you do celebrate this season with gifts and are seeking a little inspiration, a tarot reading might be just the ticket! When you purchase a gift reading, you will receive an email that you can give to the recipient, which includes your message, some info about Two Sides Tarot, and instructions for how to claim their gift reading. The recipient can request their reading whenever they feel the time is right, and I'll work with them to set a question and, if necessary, create a custom spread. As well as my standard offerings, my New Year Reading is also available as a gift - perfect for this time of year! Order your gift reading here

I recently had the extreme bodacious honour of writing a guest post over on Little Red Tarot about The Wooden Tarot. I'm a huge fan both of Beth's work and of the glorious Wooden Tarot, so it was really nice to bring those beautiful things together! Thanks for having me, Beth!

Although I haven't had a lot of reading time this week, I have been stealing glances at this amazing book. Circle of Eight by Jane Meredith was recommended to me in response to one of my Wheel of the Year blog posts by SJ of Witchling In Flight, and I must pay that forward by saying, everyone should read this book! Well, everyone who is interested in making personal, spiritual connections with the specific place in which they live, anyway. Thank you so much, SJ. It has given me so much to think about, and I'll definitely be writing about it and responding to it in more depth in the new year. 

Fellow Southern Hemispheran, Lucie of Blue Fox Tarot, shared her reading with my Summer Solstice Spread. Thanks Lucie, I hope you found it illuminating! 

Well, that's me for now. Better get back to work! What have you been up to? I'd love to know! Share your recent adventures in the comments!