Working with The Wooden Tarot: The Sixes

So far in my little project to get to know The Wooden Tarot, letting the deck decide upon my course of study seems to be working out just fine. Again, I pulled a card to see where I should be looking today, and who should appear but VI The Lovers.

Aww. Conjoined twin hummingbird! Does it get any sweeter? I love the image on this card: aforementioned hummingbird, in the bosom of a flower, sitting atop a green anatomical heart, which sprouts the odd leaf and a string of fern fronds. Like all of us, this heart bleeds red. This card, for me anyway, reads quite traditionally straight out of the gate. It's a sweet and strange image, but the bleeding heart gives it the gravitas that The Lovers requires. For me, this card is always about choice - what do we choose to bring into our lives, what people and pastimes and causes do we give our hearts to? Do these things reflect our true values, or are we misdirecting our energies? This heart has the potential for growth, provided it is given the right conditions to flourish. How can we use our free will to cultivate those conditions?

With The Lovers as my point of departure, I turned my attention to the other sixes in the deck. Numerologically, sixes are usually about healing, peacefulness, recovery, and/or movement. With that in mind, let's see what we make of these fellows.

The Six of Plumes we've met before - this card cropped up in my Wooden Tarot deck interview as this deck's most important characteristic. It baffled me a little then, but ultimately I stand by my interpretation of it as being about healing transitions. We get to shed old feathers and swim off into new horizons!

The Six of Stones was also a feature of my deck interview, so you may already be acquainted. Again, I feel good about my earlier interpretation of this card as being about support and elevation. The encircling antler offers us the best seats in the house to witness this beautiful crystal rising up and holding its own. This card does remind me quite a bit of its Rider-Waite-Smith equivalent, its just that here we behold a symbolic resurrection, and in the RWS, it is a actual victory march.

The Six of Bones immediately makes me think of The Princess Bride. I'm a child of the 80s, I can't help it!  I'm assuming that wasn't what this deck's creator had in mind when he drew this card, so I think it's safe to say it doesn't signify cold blooded murder (or righteous vengeance). That extra finger immediately suggests to me some sort of extra capability, gaining an additional skill or resource or capacity that perhaps we didn't have before. This acquisition is an opportunity, and hey, if you apply this card's traditional meaning and use this for the benefit of others, all the better!

Finally, the Six of Blooms. I must say, so far I find the suit of Blooms utterly baffling! Grasping at my first impulse while staring at this card with a thoroughly puzzled look on my face, I want to say that it represents the opportunity for new intuitive or emotional insight. It is the suit of Water, after all! And just look at all those eyes, blossoming. This six offers the possibility of a new, more heart-centred way of seeing. Perhaps this indicates a chance to take what we have learned and let it expand out into new insight.

What do you make of the Wooden Tarot's Sixes? Agree or disagree with my interpretations? I'd love to hear your insights and impressions in the comments!

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