Working with The Wooden Tarot: The Suit of Blooms Six to Ten

Here begins the next instalment in my series on the Wooden Tarot, part two on the Suit of Blooms. I must admit, it's in cards Six to Ten that this suit starts to slip away from me. All those eyeball flowers! What do they mean? As with all the posts in this series, I'm just going to sit with these beautiful images and see what comes up! This blog series is intended to offer impressions and intuitions, rather than exhaustive or definitive card meanings, so don't feel like you have to take my word for it! I'd love to know your thoughts on these cards, especially if you've figured out any working definitions that are really meaningful and useful to you!

There's an undeniable blossoming to the Six of Blooms, a sharp contrast to the barren and pillaged vibe of the Five (read more about the Five of Blooms here). It's a perfect progression, because numerologically, Fives are all about setbacks, pain, and struggle, while Sixes offer the promise of healing and renewal. I like to think that these blossoming eyeballs represent not only healing and new growth, but also new perspective. It's through our most challenging experiences that we gain the most wisdom, and here we have a flower growing actual organs of sight out of the ashes. It's only by enduring the difficulties of the Five of Blooms that we may learn to see the world anew in the Six. I think I'm getting the hang of these eyeball flowers!

The Seven of Blooms offers a cornucopia, a whole array of shiny objects, with a hopeful eye gazing out. In the tarot, Sevens are often a moment of pause, a call to evaluate before more progress can be made. Although this is an unusual image, in some ways it's quite traditional. Just as the Waite-Smith Seven of Cups invites us to consider our options with a critical eye, the Wooden Tarot Seven of Blooms serves us up a smorgasbord of jewels and invites us to really look, both at what is on offer and into our own hearts. 

As in all suits of the tarot, after doing some evaluating with the Seven, we're then called to make a decision in the Eight. For me, the key to the Eight of Blooms is that waning crescent moon. It invites us to ask, "What energies are waning in this situation? What cycle needs to be brought to an end?" The shapes floating around the orb in the centre look like they could be petals plucked from a flower. There is a sense that something that has come to full bloom is now on the wane, and a shift away from this dying, waning energy must be made.

If we can make the right decision and say farewell to what needs to be let go, then we might be lucky enough to find ourselves in the Nine of Blooms. I love the energy of this card! This image perfectly captures that feeling of eager yearning, of looking to the future with excitement and optimism, of accomplishments reached and expansion achieved. Traditionally, the Nine of Cups is the wish fulfilment card, the card in which we feel open and positive enough to place our hopes, with confidence that things will go well and the outcome will be joyful. The Wooden Tarot's take on this card captures that supportive, abundant vibe. 

Finally, after allowing ourselves to fall in love with our hopes in the Nine of Blooms, we reach the Ten. Big sigh! There's that lotus again, that symbol of higher consciousness, opening up to show us the precious jewel of the self at its centre, with the full spectrum of our experience represented in colour. It's a lovely image, and I feel, very successfully conveys the feeling of growth, completion and wholeness that we'd expect to see in the Ten of Blooms. This suit really takes us on a journey, from seeds planted to flowers opening. It's funny how my first response was, "I don't know what the heck to make of all of these eyeballs!" but when I actually sit down and let these cards tell me their story, it's obvious how cohesive and simple they really are. 

What do you make of the suit of Blooms? Thoughts to add, differing interpretations to offer? Let me know in the comments! As always, if you'd like to keep up with the Two Sides Tarot blog, you can subscribe by email here

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