Hello from the Road

Despite my best laid plans, it has been a while! If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that Two Sides Tarot is in transit at the moment. I'm on holiday, a two week trip spent mostly on the left coast of the US. When I planned this trip, I knew I wanted to spend a good amount of time in my favourite American city, San Francisco, and I wanted to be excited and curious and filled up by spending two weeks left to my own devices in a foreign land. So far, so good! I'd also expected to spend a lot more time while traveling writing, doing tarot, and reading, but that hasn't proven to be the case so far. Hence, the radio silence around these parts! The daily Weather continues apace, but my plans for blogging and other creative work while on the road have not come to fruition. 

I must admit, I'm an advocate of going with the flow, so I'm not too bothered by the fact that the mood of my holiday hasn't been as expected (although I do feel a little guilty for leaving this blog to lie fallow for too many days). In fact, I've been enjoying activating my lower chakras, just relishing being a body in the world, walking for miles and eating and looking at things and not paying too much attention to the spiritual implications of every sight or interaction. Perhaps that's spiritual in itself - just being in the moment. Living!

One altar I have prostrated myself upon while in SF is that of the almighty god of baseball - and as a Giants fan, I know that you only have to look at the 2014 season and World Series win to know this baseball god is a trickster! Just my kind of fellow. He's getting greedy though, because it seems our offerings of fandom in 2015 have been insufficient to secure a place in the postseason. Oh well, you can't win them all, and this fan is just happy to be here! 

I've done my run with the Giants though, and this weekend I'm heading out to Sedona for a few nights away from the city. Looking forward to diving into that beautiful red desert! And also, to taking it a little slower. More reading time, perhaps even a sleep in. Maybe even a blog post! Let's try to go with the flow though. I know better now than to lean too heavily on plans, and hey, Mercury's retrograde. Anything could happen! I will say, regular scheduled programming will resume soon. 

I hope you're keeping well. What have you been up to these past couple of weeks? Send me a virtual postcard in the comments!