Journey of Love: Deck Interview and a New Offering

If you've been following the workings of Two Sides Tarot for a while, you'll know that, with very few exceptions, I'm not usually one for oracle cards. What can I say? I'm a Capricorn, and I love structure, cohesion, and tradition, which tarot has in spades. I find most mainstream oracle decks way too loose and airy-fairy, too filled with bad fantasy art, lacking in the shades of grey that makes tarot so useful. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and I wouldn't even bring the matter up if there weren't more to say on it! Here I find myself, completely seduced by Alana Fairchild's Journey of Love oracle

With mostly abstract (and beautiful) artwork, and intriguing and evocative card names like, "The Light Field", "Heart of God", and "Sacred Convergence", how could I not be drawn in? This is clearly some high vibe shizz right here! These cards are very focused on self-love, heart-openness, spiritual connections, and receptivity to the divine. Seriously potent tools!

I've loved working with this deck so much in my own practice, it has inspired a new offering in my store because this goodness needs sharing! More on that in a moment. Let's get to know each other first - and what better way to do it than the classic Little Red Tarot deck interview spread?

1. Tell me about yourself. What's your most important characteristic? 52. The Ancient Ones

What a beautiful way to begin! The Ancient Ones says that the Journey of Love oracle is here to bear witness to our spiritual journeys, to encourage us, and remind us that, even if the material world doesn't always reflect it, the little bursts of light and goodness that we're sending out into the universe are being felt. This deck is here to remind us that everything is connected, and to support us on our paths. In some ways, this card reminds me a little of The Hierophant - it says we are part of an ancient tradition, and we have a place in this spiritual and energetic lineage. 

2. What are your strengths as a deck? 24. The Spaces Between the Words

I think the card name says it all! This deck's strengths lies in its ability to go beyond language, to transmit visions, images, ideas that defy material explanation. It's also wonderful for helping us live in the gap between observation and reaction, that gap between the world and our habitual experience of it. This oracle is great for giving us a moment of a sacred pause!

3. What are your limits? 19. Shakti

Oof! All this fiery Kundalini energy can certainly be disruptive. It's hard to imagine that such powerful stuff could be seen as a limitation, but I suspect what's happening here is that this deck tends to pull out all the stops, even when we're not quite ready for it! From my experience of working with it, it is way more interested in spiritual and esoteric questions than it is in the practical goings-on of day to day life. If you ask it what you need to know about applying for that job, it's probably going to turn around and say, "Forget about the job! What about the nature of your soul?!" It has a tendency to light fires, so make sure to play to its strengths when using it!

4. What are you here to teach me? 5. The Communal Dance

The guidebook describes this card as an invitation "to join the cosmic conga line!" I love it! The Journey of Love oracle is all about bringing people together, about helping us support each other, about opening us up to love and compassion and acceptance, and helping us recognise that we have a place to belong. And conga lines, apparently! Shake your cosmic booties, people! That's what this deck is here for!

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? 42. The Blood Dance

The Blood Dance (great name, by the way!) is an invitation to flow in cycle with this deck. This is not a deck for everyday, but our intuition will guide us towards it when we need it. A big part of this card is accepting your natural rhythms - sometimes you feel like awakening Shakti and shaking things up in your spiritual space, and other times you just feel guided to hang out on the physical plane, patting neighbourhood dogs and eating sandwiches, with nary a thought for your numinous nature. Being accepting and attentive to these rhythms is the best way to collaborate with this deck. Allow it into your life when the time is right! 

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 26. Guardian of the Soul Family

Nothing short of healing our relationships to each other and the world. Didn't I say this thing is a powerful tool?! Working with this deck nurtures love and compassion, for the self, others, and the world at large. It's a safe space for healing and connection. What more do you need, really?


I hope you can see now why I'm in love love love with this deck - so much so that it has inspired a new offering here at Two Sides Tarot, the Heart-Centered Oracle Reading! This puppy is tailored specifically to seekers of the love vibration, spiritual journeyers looking for guidance, and anyone who needs a little encouragement to show themselves some lovin' kindness. Don't we all, from time to time? If this seems like it's up what you need right now, please do go over and take a look. I've been loving delivering this deck's encouraging and affirming messages to the clients who have taken up this reading, and if you feel called to, it would be an honour for me to send them your way, too!

What do you make of the Journey of Love oracle cards? And what's your vibe on oracle decks in general? Any favourites to recommend? I'd love to know in the comments!