A Heart-Centered Oracle Reading

Last week, I wrote about how much I'm loving working with the Journey of Love oracle cards. Seriously, this deck is The Business! Last week, we got to oooh and aaah over the pretty illustrations and lovely ideas in this deck. This week, I'm putting it to work! 

I've been thinking a lot these past few days about deepening my meditation practice. If you've been following along for a little while, you may know that I'm not great at doing the same thing, day after day. I do have a daily spiritual practice, of sorts, but the content of that changes all the time because my interests and desires and questions are constantly evolving. While meditation is part of that, I can't say I'm terribly consistent with it! I've been feeling called to hit the cushion more and more these days, but due to distraction and busyness, I haven't really managed to put that into action.

Enter, the Heart-Centered Oracle Reading, with my trusted Journey of Love oracle cards. These cards LOVE to deal with matters of spiritual practice and spiritual paths, so this question is right up their alley. Let's see what support and advice they can offer me!

1. A Broader View: How can I support and deepen my meditation practice at this time? 28. Sacred Convergence

I guess I can't be too surprised by the gravity of this card, since almost every card in this deck packs a big punch, but still! Sacred convergence? That sounds big! This card says that right now, I need to understand the function of my meditation practice, and that function is nothing less than union with the divine. The cushion is a place where the worldly and the spiritual, the personal and the multiple, the separate and the whole, come together. This is big! Open yourself up to make space for all of this coming together.

Another aspect of this card that feels very relevant and powerful is the idea that this convergence can be uncomfortable. Alana Fairchild's blurb for this card says that the spiritual or energetic experience one might have can be reflected in bodily discomfort, anxiety, or resistance. This obviously rings a bell for me, because I do sometimes find the act of sitting physically uncomfortable (does anyone else suffer from meditator's itchy nose?! So annoying!). I think we can take this a step further, though, and extrapolate the body to be the physical world, the sensations, obligations, and routines of my earthly life. Life on the physical plane certainly does seem to sit uncomfortably with meditation practice. Often, I feel too busy or distracted, like there's no room in my schedule to sit. This card shows me that that resistance is actually a response to the deeper calling I'm experiencing. It's all part of the same puzzle! Accept it, but don't allow it to have the final word, because there's so much more to discover!

Journal Prompt: What connections am I seeking to make through meditation? What resistance am I experiencing? How can I bring these together in order to better understand this experience?

2. Zooming In: In the next week, what can I focus on or bring to my meditation sessions in order to cultivate stillness and insight? 23. Across the Waters

This card describes the lake of our emotional waters, a place that can be cooling and calming, infinitely peaceful, or cluttered, crowded, and tumultuous. One of the things I really love about this deck are the author's explanations about each card. For this one, Fairchild offers: "We yearn for the cool, calm mountain lake, serene, giving, echoing a gentle dispensation of grace. You are being called across the waters - out from an overcrowded sea into the cool spaciousness of the endless lake." Ahhh! Reading that feels like a long, deep breath! 

So, my focus this week is simple. I'm called to make my meditations a place of calm replenishment, a place where busyness and movement are stilled, and serenity is allowed to take over. I know from experience that meditation is not always serene (and often expecting it to be is the best way to ensure it isn't!), but this week, I'm going to bring this visualisation of the calm and endless lake into my sitting. I can't wait to feel less busy or distracted. I have to seek out that lake within myself!

Journal prompt: Although I do usually do a journal prompt for each card in this reading, I'm going to skip this one. In this case, stillness is more important than more words!

3. How can I encourage self-love and compassion as I navigate this process? 26. Guardians of the Soul Family

I am not alone in this! There are myriad travellers on this path, working to integrate their spiritual selves into their day to day lives. I'm looking at you wondrous blog readers right now! There are also many sages and students who have explored this road before - countless amazing books have been penned on the subject, not to mention blogs, instagram posts, conversations over coffee. The most loving thing I can do for myself is remember that I am supported by all these fellow spiritual journeyers! When in doubt, I can turn to them for support, read their words, ask them questions, feel their presences. Nice!

Journal prompt: Who is in my spiritual support network? What wisdom have my teachers offered about this experience? How can integrate that into my practice?


I'm going to take my journal prompts and do some further reflection on this. I'm definitely feeling more supported and inspired to hit the cushion and calm my inner lake! And inn case you missed last week's post, you may be interested to know that this Heart-Centered Oracle Reading is now available as an offering in the shop! These cards love to tackle questions of self-love, personal growth, and spirituality - while the reading I've shared today is about supporting my own meditation practice, this offering can tackle all manner of spiritual and personal topics, and of course, the spread will be customised to meet your needs. I really love sharing the insights of these cards, so if you do feel like you need a little clarity and support, head over to the Two Sides Tarot store and take a look!

Before I sign off for another week, I'd love to know - what are your thoughts on regular meditation? Love it? Struggle with it? Never tried it? What's your approach? I'd love to hear about any experiences or insights you'd care to share!