Further Reading, April 2016

Ahh, Friday! In some ways, it's the busiest day of my working week, but in almost all ways, it's the most enjoyable. Today is typical - the morning spent on client readings and correspondence, and the afternoon on a few little creative odds and ends for Two Sides Tarot. In between, I took a walk to my local park and sat under a tree for a while, wondering if that heavy looking sky was going to open up (it didn't - not yet, anyway), and listening to my latest obsession, The Black Tapes podcast - think, an intersection of Serial and Welcome to Night Vale. You'll thank me later!

So that brings us to the topic of today's post - all the goodly stuff with which I stimulated my brain and filled my heart up in April. 

First, around here 

It's always a privilege to be a guest over at Little Red Tarot! This time, I wrote a little love letter to The Spirit Speak Tarot. My review gives you an inside look into this original deck, and highlights just a few of the reasons why it's a favourite for me. I hope you fall in love with it like I did!

The Fountain Tarot landed in the shop this month, and for the first time, I got this new offering at the same time as my customers! A new deck demands a proper introduction, and you can my interview with The Fountain Tarot here (spoiler alert - this deck means business!).

Did you catch my interview with tarot superstar, Carrie Mallon? Carrie was this month's guest on my series, Readers in Profile. Read all about Carrie's tarot story and her approach to the cards on the blog.

On the Bookshelf

A few weeks ago, one of my favourite poets died. If you haven't already read Jim Harrison's beautiful and impressionistic memoir, Off to the Side, I highly, highly recommend it. It takes a poet to stretch the form both radically and subtly, and I think Jim manages both with panache. Of course, his poetry is well worth a look, too. 

The Best of Elsewhere

An interview with Rebekah Erev over on Beth's column, Follow Your Arrow. People, this is my number one stop for inspiration right now! Rebekah talks so openly about her business, her art practice, her spirituality, her queerness, and how they all intersect, and it is SUCH. GOOD. STUFF. I've had this interview permanently open in my browser since I discovered it, and I've been popping over to read a little every time I need some inspiration. 

I just enrolled in Kristen's course to learn how to read playing cards and I can't wait to get started! It's currently 50% off so it's a great time to jump in.

This one's an oldie, from 2013, but it rang so true for me that I just had to share it. Camelia Elias makes a strong case that all systems of cartomancy share more similarities than they do differences. This came out when the lenormand resurgence was really gaining momentum, and while I think the calibre of the discourse around tarot and lenormand, or tarot vs. lenormand, has changed (i.e., hasn't everyone calmed down about it now?), it's still worth having our assumptions and "rules" challenged every now and then. Camelia is a great shaker of cages, and this is great read!

Because I cannot get enough of Camelia's writing and perspectives on magic and the cards: What is the Devil to You? Also this fabulous essay. Oh and what the hell, one more.

Praise the goddess for she is merciful, The Circo Tarot will soon be available again! Well, only if we all get over there and back that Kickstarter. I've been bummed out for months that I missed out on the last print run of this deck, so I'm really, really excited about this!

Some very thoughtful tarot prompts for grounding and coming back into the present moment, from Theresa Reed.

I loved these 3 Brand Lessons for Girlbosses From The Emperor. The Emperor is an archetype that continues to challenge me, so I really enjoyed getting some additional perspective on this card (not to mention, some sound business advice). I also really liked Jeanna's advice on how to choose a tarot deck.

An essential addition to your tarot toolkit - Beth's excellent spread for calming the butterfly mind - perfect for when you're all over the place and not sure what to do next.

So many great tips for productive and helpful things to do when business is slow - surprise surprise, not one of them involves despair or panic! (via Sarah von Bargen).

Samantha at Escaping Stars writes frankly about the rhythms and whims of depression and mania when you're a spiritual business owner, in Reverent Lows.

That's what I've been reading. What about you? Leave me a recommendation, or drop me a line on Twitter!

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