Further Reading, May 2016

What a busy month May has been! I've been pouring love and energy and care into life here at Two Sides Tarot this month. With the release of the much-anticipated new Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and the arrival of the Sacred Symbols deck in the shop, I've had many new toys to play with and so much great stuff to share with you folks!

All of that, coupled with a busy time at my other job and what was, to be honest, a bit of a tough Mercury retrograde, has meant I didn't read as much as I ordinarily would. These are this month's diamonds in the rough!


First, Around Here

This month, I released my first free ebook! Oh, happy day! Journaling the Major Arcana is a guide to personal exploration through the cards of the Major Arcana. All you need to explore these journal prompts is a human psyche and a little curiosity, so they are suited to both tarot beginners and advanced readers. Download your copy here!

May saw two esteemed visitors to the blog - I just love having guests! Ashley of Story by Tarot came by to talk shop, and I interviewed Marcella Kroll about her creation (and my current favourite oracle), the Sacred Symbols Deck.

I also threw my hands up in frustration about traditional Sabbats, and decided to go off-grid with my own Wheel of the Year. Why not!

On the Bookshelf

I've already ranted and raved about this on my social media, but this month marked the release of the last book in one of my favourite fantasy series, The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. My bookshop boss kindly brought me a signed copy of The Raven King back from BEA, and I gobbled it up like the rich and delicious soul food it is, and now I'm reeling! I have a Raven hangover, and it feels so good. 

Anyone feel like a snack? May also marked the release of Chronicle Books' delightfully silly Food Fortunes deck. This deck comes with minimal explanatory notes, so you've got all the scope in the world to divine with your favourite foods. Yes, it turns out you can use quinoa as a metaphor for productivity!

Ok, it's not technically reading, but this month I've been compulsively revisiting Jason Isbell's 2013 album, Southeastern. It's an enduring favourite of mine, having been the backing track for many a kitchen sink singalong. Highly recommended if you're of the folk/bluegrass/touch of Southern rock persuasion!

The Best of Elsewhere

I LOVED this article by Kate Kiefer Lee about opening up the narrative of entrepreneurship and the myths we attach to about "following your bliss" and finding a calling. A validating read for multipotentialites and those of us who have a day job and aren't ashamed of it!

Actually, speaking of multipotentialites, I have Beth to thank for introducing me to Puttylike.com, an incredible resource for people who have a zillion and one passions and interests, and want to make space in their life for all of them. I definitely relate!

Indimoonrose.com shared a great interview with Mary Elizabeth Evans, creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot. I could read about Mary's art and process for days! (You can find my interview with Mary here).

That's it for me this month. What have you been reading and loving? Leave me a recommendation in the comments, or come and share your love on Twitter!

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