Further Reading - 7th July 2014

The internet is filled with wise and wonderful and thought-provoking stuff. Here's what I've been enjoying of late. Happy Monday everyone!

This article about Why Being a Beginner is Awesome was very timely for me. After being terrified of learning to drive for years, I decided I would conquer my fears and get behind the wheel before I turned 30. With a few months to go, I've had some lessons, and realised that so much of this struggle has been about learning to be ok with being bad at something I haven't tried before. It's an ego-driven resistance, but I'm slowly learning to embrace the awesomeness of being a beginner, rather than the terror! 

Benebell Wen shared a wonderful post on her blog about Being Right vs. Being Insightful as a tarot reader. Her insights here really get at the heart of what it means to offer ethical tarot practice for clients and readers alike. 

This is an older post, but I can never go past a pro-journal writing battle cry! Check out some of The Benefits of Journal Writing, and pick up some ideas for getting started. Brain dumping into a notebook has long been one of my favourite pastimes, one I try to make time for every day, and it's something I am constantly recommending to my clients. Give it try. You'll be surprised at how transformative it can be!

Tarot and the Woman Alone over on TarotTrends.com is a really interesting commentary on how our ideas about a couple of the female figures in the tarot have changed. This post deals with a lady close to my heart - the Queen of Swords. Whenever she comes  up in the Weather Report, I have to pause before making my comments because, to be frank, I really hate the fact that traditionally, this bold, intelligent, weapon-wielding warrior woman is meant to be representative of loneliness and mourning. Can we do away with that association already, please? 

Finally, a snapshot of tarot history over at CollectorsWeekly.com. Plenty of interesting facts, but my favourite parts were the snaps of rare, rare, rare cartomancy decks from Caitlin Matthews' personal collection. Pretty cool!

Have you read something great lately? Share it with me in the comments!