Golden Thread Tarot

Making Friends with the Golden Thread Tarot

Major warm fuzzies is probably the only way to describe how pleased I was to pick up a copy of Tina Gong's Golden Thread Tarot earlier this week. I've been playing with the accompanying app for a while now, and the physical deck has been on my personal and professional wish list for what feels like eons. What can I say, I'm a sucker for gold foiling!

After so much anticipation, I'm happy to say that this gorgeous shiny thing more than lives up to my great expectations. The design is beautiful, and I love that it brings such a clean, modern, golden vibe to the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck. I love the stylised figures, the strong lines, and the goldness. Did I mention the goldness? The card stock could be a little thicker for my taste, but the foiling really makes up the lushness quotient and this lighter stock does shuffle like a dream. Sigh. People, it's love! 

A new deck means introductions are required, which means, of course, a deck interview! Let's see what the Golden Thread Tarot has to say for itself, shall we? This deck interview spread is, as ever, from Little Red Tarot

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? VIII Strength

To put it simply, the Golden Thread Tarot has abundant chill! This deck is poised, powerful, and not one to lose its cool, no matter the seriousness of the question. When I see the Strength card, I think of safe containers, calm places where rages and confusions can exhaust themselves without doing any damage, a steady hand to guide a stumbling seeker through the dark. It seems this deck is ready to hold safe and sacred space for any and all manner of inquiries.

What are your strengths as a deck? Ace of Pentacles

More than anything, the Ace of Pentacles says this deck's strengths lie in how grounded it is. Maybe it's all the gold, but the Golden Thread Tarot is great for earthing elusive and vague inquiries, taking the wispy and ephemeral and turning it into something comprehensible and concrete. 

I also associate the suit of Pentacles with the practical, making-ish aspects of creative work, and y'all know creativity is one of my favourite topics to read on. With the Ace of this productive suit landing here as a strength, it seems this deck will also be good for tapping into creative potential and supporting the process of getting projects off the ground. Excellent news!

What are your limits as a deck? Five of Cups

This deck really loves to focus on the powerful, transformative stuff, perhaps to the point of being a little over-serious! This is the right place to come for healing and shadow work, as well as those big creative projects, but it's probably not the right deck to ask pithy, playful questions. Ask it where your lost car keys are and it'll probably tell you that you always lose things because of your dysfunctional childhood. Be ready for it to go straight to the heavy stuff!

What are you here to teach me? Five of Swords

Speaking of heavy stuff, this deck is super keen to confront and explore shadows, to get to the root of wounds and disappointments, to help us overcome limiting blocks and habits. I often see the Five of Swords as being related to ego, to a need to assert or receive validation of the superficial self at the expense of true growth. When it comes to that sort of behaviour (and we're all guilty, from time to time!), the Golden Thread Tarot is going to call us all out. It may not always feel comfortable, but grappling with these challenging aspects of the self will prove to be invaluable. 

How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Eight of Wands

Dive in, don't wait! We've already seen that this deck isn't one to beat around the bush, and the Eight of Wands confirms that the best way to work with it is to plunge right in. Get straight to the tricky questions! Embrace spiritual and creative dilemmas. Ask the true question, the one that rises up before your conscious mind can edit it for politeness and safety. Get to it!

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Nine of Cups

Oooh! Who doesn't love to see the wish fulfilment card appear as the potential outcome? All that confronting Five of Swords work promises to pay off, if we're diligent with it. When the Nine of Cups appears, all we need to do is set an intention. What result do you want from this working relationship? It seems the Golden Thread Tarot is ready and willing to help you get there!