Further Reading, March 2016

March has been a great month for content in my world - books, videos, blog posts... All sorts of enriching fabulousness has crossed my path, challenged my perspective, and flicked switches in my brain this month (not to mention sunsets! Autumm like FTW, y'all!).

There have also been some good reads, if I do say so myself, in these waters at Two Sides Tarot! Don't miss Cameron from The Tarot Parlor, who stopped by to talk tarot and creative writing, The Collective Tarot, and tips for tarot pros and beginners. I also got up close and personal with The Empress in the poetry (well, a poem) of Allan Ginsberg, and ruminated on balance and binaries on the Autumn Equinox.

Of course, there was plenty of goodness to be had elsewhere in March, too! Here's what I've enjoyed this month - 

On the Bookshelf

Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron could actually be the only manual for living that one might ever need. The practices in this book are truly transformative - and "practices" really is the key word, because the whole book is stuffed with transformative exercises that can be put into action, day after day. Pema is a spiritual radical, in the best kind of way!

The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits was my most-relished novel of the month. Ostensibly a caper about rival psychics, Julavits' real interests are death, absence, presence, and mothering. For comparison, I'd say Tartt-meets-Wes-Anderson-meets-a-tiny-bit-of-David-Foster-Wallace - delicious from start to finish.

Always good to have a little poetry on the go, and Black Mesa Poems by Jimmy Santiago Baca is my current fodder. Baca is yet another wonderful American poet championed by Denise Levertov and published by New Directions, so I knew this would be great before I even opened it, and I was not wrong. The American Southwest holds a special place in my faraway, antipodean heart, and this collection is like a little astral gateway to it. 

Around the Internet

An oldie but a goodie from Kelly-Ann Maddox, on ten common dilemmas faced by spiritual business owners. I love it that the advice in almost all instances asks us to come back to our intuition, and let that be the guide for making decisions (with a bit of good sense thrown in, of course!).

Oh, Kickstarter, you tricksy desire machine! There are so many cool decks coming out of the crowdfunding movement right now, and forthcoming Wisdom Oracle Deck by Sophia Wise One is no exception. 

Robert Place shares his tarot origin story (spoiler alert - it is COOL).

I gave a little cheer when I read this pair of blog posts by Hilary Parry and Theresa Reed about part time vs. full time tarot. Like Hilary, when I first started out in tarot business I felt self-conscious about being part time, as if it meant I was less serious or professional. These days, I feel confident in all my different vocations and don't mind saying so, but I still found it so encouraging to be reminded that we're all different creatures and so our businesses and aspirations and commitments are necessarily different. It's all a rich and delicious tapestry!

Evvie Marin of Interrobang Tarot celebrated her one-year blogoversary by sharing a great post on why it's a great idea to keep a tarot blog. If you've been thinking about dipping a toe into the tarot blogging pool, or you're already a blogger and need a little passion refresher, this post will sort you right out! Evvie is also a brilliant artist with a tarot deck in the works. I can't wait for the Black Ink Tarot to make its way into the world, it looks so gorgeous so far!

An interesting article over on Brain Pickings about a new book on intuition (among other things). Obviously, tarot readers don't need to be reminded of the value of this skill, but the book excerpts do offer some interesting perspectives on it. I particularly liked the stress the author places on intuition as being an ability to be developed - newcomers to tarot are often fearful of not being intuitive, when really, intuition is a muscle you strengthen, and not a trait you do or do not possess. Looks like the book could be an interesting read!

Tammy Strobel always brings the goods, and I really loved these reflective prompts that she shared in her weekly link roundup. 

I loved this post over at Siobhan's Mirror about tarot and money (part of the Spring Equinox blog hop - do follow that loop, if you have time, there are some other gems on it!). I've also really been loving Siobhan's posts over at Little Red Tarot.

And speaking of Little Red Tarot, this post from 2014 just popped onto my radar again. It's fair to say that almost everyone in the tarot world owes a debt of gratitude to Pamela Colman-Smith, and Beth's loving tribute is a beautiful celebration of her work.

Always a great reminder - 12 ways to stop feeling jealous on the internet. I've consciously set the intention to approach my time on the internet in the spirit of collaboration rather than competition, so I try to be as aware as I can of any creeping feelings of resentment or envy that might come to mind when sailing the internet sea. Such emotional tides are good chances to check in and see what's really going on (surprise surprise, it's almost never about the object of one's jealousy!). This post has some great suggestions for addressing those feelings in a self-loving and community-nurturing way.

What gems have you been reading or watching or listening to this month? I love a recommendation, so please do leave me one in the comments!

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