Shadowscapes Tarot

July's Deck of the Month: The Shadowscapes Tarot

A new month is upon us, and that means a new tarot deck for our daily Weather Report! This month, we're getting lost in the forest with The Shadowscapes Tarot. This whimsical and intricate deck hasn't been in my collection for long, but I'm loving working with it so far. The most obvious thing about it at first glance is the artwork, but this deck isn't just a pretty face! Beyond its fantastical images lies a depth of insight, practicality and playfulness that make this deck a joy to read with. 

As ever when getting to know a new deck, I stop in on my birth card, The Hierophant.

This is definitely a place I'm happy to visit! What's not to love about this wizened, gnarled tree creature? Deeply rooted in the earth, and with his golden branches reaching up to heaven, this Hierophant is like the Buddha and the Bodhi tree all at once! There's a lightness to this card, something inviting, which is such an important attribute for any spiritual teacher to cultivate. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's vision of The Hierophant dispels the separateness and stuffiness that can linger in some versions of this card.

One of my favourite aspects of The Hierophant is his role as a bridge between the divine and the earthly, and any version of this card that depicts that earthiness is bound to be a favourite of mine. This is an inviting tree to sit under, a place to ask the big questions and to feel the breeze rustling in the leaves in response. 

Now, let's see what the Shadowscapes Tarot has to say about itself. 

I drew the Knight of Swords, and IV The Emperor.

I love seeing these two decisive, authoritative cards here! It would be easy to write this deck off as soft and unserious, but its true personality would appear to be the opposite. The Knight of Swords says the Shadowscapes tarot is rational, practical, and not afraid to call the seeker to take action. I think it is demanding to be recognised for its quick wittedness, too. Don't be surprised if, in answer to your question, you get a cutting and witty riposte! 

The Emperor certainly suggests that The Shadowscapes demands to be taken seriously! This deck has real potential to give us direction when we're feeling lost. Like The Emperor, it will give us clear (and probably non-negotiable!) instructions about taking our lives in hand. This deck specialises in imposing order and structure upon fear and chaos - it certainly isn't afraid of taking on big troubles, and turning them into precise and manageable solutions!

What do you make of The Shadowscapes Tarot? Already a devotee, or just a curious bystander? Let me know in the comments!


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