Tarot Decks

Further Reading, February 2016

What a busy week it has been! My humble tarot shop went live (yay!), my bookshop job kept me more than busy, my Thursday night art class took no prisoners, and here I am, on Friday, taking a little break. Well, I say it's a break, really, it's a reading and writing day. I have so many plans for this blog - picking up the pace on my Working with the Wooden Tarot series, and remember Tarot Creativity Prompts? I think we should bring those back! - so while I get to work on those, here is some excellent recommended stuff for your enjoyment! 

Good Reading & Watching Both Online and Off

So excited that Grand Mystical Dame of Youtube, Kelly-Ann Maddox, is back with a new series of videos about tarot. I could listen to Kelly-Ann talk about anything, and I've been loving her videos about chaos magick and shadow work, but tarot, obvi, is a topic very close to my heart! This first Cardslinger series video is a fun look at how Kelly-Ann chooses decks for client readings, and what's on her wishlist. 

I'm really excited that Elle North's 108 Days of Sacred Intention has landed on my doorstep! This workbook has so many amazing suggestions for cultivating a rich and personal spiritual practice, and I'm really looking forward to working through it.

If you need any convincing about the value of emptying your brain onto a page (or, like me, you just like journaling porn), this article is a nice day-by-day account of how regular journaling can transform your creative practice!

I've been slowly working my way through this set of videos about Kyle Cease's 100 Day Self Connection Experiment. There are 101 videos and I'm still in the first half so I can't tell you how it ends (perhaps he ascends to heaven, Jesus-style, on camera? Who knows!), but so far there have been great insights about meditation, mindfulness, and daily spiritual practice!

This one's a meta-recommendation! Over on the ever-informative and wonderful Little Red Tarot, Beth shared some of the community's best tarot book recommendations. There are some real gems on this list (and even more in the comments), so if you're looking for some new tarot reading, check it out! 

I think this counts as good reading (well, I'm sure it does), but perhaps not in the way you might expect! I had a really spot on and supportive reading last month from the lovely Imogen of Soul Sincerity Tarot. One of my intentions this year was to make use of more the awesome talents in my community. Imogen was my first reader of the year, and she did not disappoint!

This one isn't metaphysical, but it should be compulsory, so I'm recommending it to everyone! Johann Hari's Chasing the Scream illuminates the utter, heartbreaking insanity of the war on drugs. Even though I've long been convinced of the wisdom of legalising and regulating, the history, personal stories, science, and stats in this book just blew my mind. Please, please, PLEASE, read it. 

Tarot Decks of Note

The Invisible Light Tarot by Brandy Eve Ellen is now available for purchase. I haven't snagged this one myself yet, but no doubt I will - you know I'm a greedy magpie for new decks! This one feels a little like an updated take on The Mountain Dream Tarot, with its strong photographs and choice of palette, and y'all know how I feel about the Mountain Dream! 

One deck I have recently purchased, although obviously not yet received, is The Spirit Cats Oracle, by Nicole Piar. The Kickstarter for this awesome feline-themed deck was funded in the first 24 hours, but there's still time to get on board! Nicole also did a really great guest post about this deck over at Little Red Tarot. Worth checking out if you'd like to find out more!

A couple of decks have come my way this week - a kind Instagram friend did a trade with me that landed me with a copy of the Akashic Edition of the Starchild Tarot (you know who you are - you're awesome!). Very much looking forward to spreading it out side by side with the first edition and taking in all the changes. I was also given a freebie at the bookshop this week, a copy of the Karma Angels oracle deck by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. Angels aren't really part of my practice, but when I saw the authors of this deck I took notice! The cards are absolutely lush, with splashings of gold foiling, and early Renaissance-vibe iconographical artwork. Maybe I could become an angel person after all! I'm looking forward to getting into these two decks over the coming weeks.

I know, I know, I keep bangin' on about this, but it's new and exciting! You can now buy more than one notable deck right here at Two Sides Tarot! The Wild Unknown and Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot are shipping now, and The Spirit Speak Tarot and the Vessel oracle deck are due in very soon! These babies ship worldwide, but I have extra good news if you're in Australia - shipping is totally free! 

So, that's what's been floating my boat. What about you? I love a good book, blog, or deck recommendation, so if you've got one, leave me a note in the comments!