elizabeth gilbert

Peeking Out of My Hidey Hole

Well, well, well! It has been an awfully long time since I last wrote a missive on the Two Sides Tarot blog. I am a firm believe in honouring your intuitions and inclinations, and over the past few months, the urge to write at length just hasn't been there. Today, though, I heard a little whisper in my ear. Could it be time to return to writing this blog? Let's follow that whim and find out!

So, what wonders have graced the shores of my world since I last wrote? 

A lot of journaling (my favourite pastime). A lot of meditation. 

A serious love affair with The Wild Unknown Tarot. If you are a follower of my daily Weather Report you might have noticed that, while I usually use a different deck each month, from January through April this year, we had the same deck over and over. Because The Wild Unknown is actually The Business. 

Feeling emboldened by Natalie Goldberg's classic, Writing Down the Bones. If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. Then, for god's sake, write about it.

Chasing that up with an advance reading copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's forthcoming number, Big Magic. In my other life I am a bookseller, so often spoiled with advance copies of wonderful books. A perfect chaser to Writing Down the Bones. Equally emboldening! A call to arms for creativity for the sake of itself. Keep your eyes peeled for this one - I believe it hits the shelves in late September.

Listening to a lot of On Being and Dear Sugar. Doesn't Cheryl Strayed have such a wonderful voice for radio?

What have you been up to lately? What has been stirring your mind or tugging on your heart? I'd love to know!