Looking to make meaningful, personal connections with your tarot cards? Seeking some inspiration for your journaling practice? Ready for some deep-diving, shadow-exploring reflection? Journaling the Major Arcana is for you! 

This free download provides keywords, prompts, exercises, questions, and experiments for all twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, as well as journaling tips, and ideas for working with the cards.

Whether you're starting out on your tarot journey and need some help connecting with your deck, or you're practically a tarot pro and want to spice up your inquiries with the cards, these prompts will have you exploring your inner and outer worlds, and finding connections between your own experiences and the themes and concepts of the Major Arcana. There truly is no better way to forge and deepen your connection to the tarot! 

Download Journaling the Major Arcana (PDF, 8.5MB) here.

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