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Two Sides Tarot offers tarot and oracle readings empower you to challenge your perspective, experience clarity, discover opportunities, and become the author of your own life! 

It was SPOT ON. Really. I didn't really have a specific question, but it explored all the major themes I needed more insight into. It confirmed a lot of things I already knew on some level but wasn't really able to trust, and provided other helpful insights and encouragement. I like how it took major themes of my current life-journey-ing that can sometimes seem a bit too abstract for me to know what to do and made those things more tangible and concrete. I felt the reading was very clear and "down to earth" in a way I really appreciated - there was no obscuring of things by trying to make everything sound oh-so-spiritual or anything. It was kind of like having a good friend give it to you straight over a glass of wine or something. My point is - it was useful. It made sense. And it was just truth after truth after truth, and I've been coming back to it over and over, journaling about what different cards mean and making lists and brainstorming sessions on how to put things into practice, and, just... everything rings true. Money VERY well spent. Thank you. - Emelie, 2016

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