It was SPOT ON. Really. I didn't really have a specific question, but it explored all the major themes I needed more insight into. It confirmed a lot of things I already knew on some level but wasn't really able to trust, and provided other helpful insights and encouragement. I like how it took major themes of my current life-journey-ing that can sometimes seem a bit too abstract for me to know what to do and made those things more tangible and concrete. I felt the reading was very clear and "down to earth" in a way I really appreciated - there was no obscuring of things by trying to make everything sound oh-so-spiritual or anything. It was kind of like having a good friend give it to you straight over a glass of wine or something. My point is - it was useful. It made sense. And it was just truth after truth after truth, and I've been coming back to it over and over, journaling about what different cards mean and making lists and brainstorming sessions on how to put things into practice, and, just... everything rings true. Money VERY well spent. Thank you.

- Emelie, 2016

Thank you so much for the reading! I keep going back to it and slowly things start to fit together a bit more each time. I think you have an incredible gift and I'm thankful that you're sharing it with the world.

- Kaitlyn, 2016

I wanted to let you know that your reading was not only accurate but so many parts of it resonated very, very deeply with me. Every card you pulled was so relevant and the meanings you extrapolated were spot-on... I'm so grateful for your reading, I pull up the PDF every once in awhile and look over it. There were a few things that at first didn't quite fit or I didn't understand, and I find that as time goes on that everything falls into place in a way that parallels the reading I received from you. The entire process of selecting the reading, ordering it, etc was seamless :)

- Emily, 2016

I love waking up everyday to discover the Two Sides Tarot weather report of the day which is always so insightful and relevant to the universal stirrings. I was curious to have a reading by Marianne and found it to be extremely relevant to the point that I was at in my life. Sometimes the Tarot might not tell you what the ego always necessarily wants to hear but what you really need to and can encourage you to follow on with the true path. Marianne delivers her readings with such nurturing and inspiring detail and the expression of her guiding words shows her true wisdom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping souls on their journey.

- Alana, 2016

I love the way you delicately and diplomatically use words, it is beautiful Marianne. The tarot reading you did for me grasped the important aspects of what is happening with me and around me. I came away from your inspired tarot reading finding the stability and reason for the next step I am willing to take and can take. You have a lovely way of seeing and expressing your intuition and knowing.

- C., 2015

I can't thank you enough for how in-depth, thoughtful and wise your reading was - not to mention beautifully written! I learned a very important lesson in it - that our power to change our circumstances really lies within our power to look at and change ourselves. This is where our responsibility and the solution is, and we can forget this, sometimes! I feel like I have a much better perspective now - more understanding, compassion and patience for this situation.

- Lauren, 2015

Incredible. Clear, concise, accurate, and you speak my language. I felt like I was having a chat, with a wise, close friend, who knew me, who gets me, and who is shining a light on my life from above. I had previously only had tarot readings with people who felt 'heavy' or 'dark'. They certainly lacked the vitality and lightness that I seek from my guides. In some ways I had resigned to this always being the case, that if I wanted guidance from Tarot, it came with the crushed purple table cloth and the black pagan-esque clothing. To have a reading from what felt like a sister on the same path as me, from a place of light, empowerment, and possibility, rather than from a place of disempowerment, like I was to be a victim to what lays ahead for me, made my heart sing. Tarot gives you the perfect mirror to look at your life and see what energies are around you. All guidance comes through the filter of the reader, and I felt that this filter is one of light, hope, and high vibrations. That's what I'm all about!

- Erin, 2015

Your reading which left me truly amazed and refreshed. I loved your very detailed Tarot Interpretations on the cards you drew in relation to my situation. The cards really highlighted the issues and showed me the way forward. I now have a strong positive outlook. The reading was very easy to understand, as you write with a true and personal spirit.

- Georgina, 2014

I felt like [my reading] was honest, hopeful, and incredibly heartfelt. I really appreciate how thorough Marianne was and the effort she put into writing such a comprehensive explanation for me. I really did connect with the reading and it was incredibly helpful. It gave me some useful insight and validated some of what I already knew!

- Megan, 2014

Wow, wow, and wow! Marianne your reading was so dead on, it was like getting advice from an old friend. Thank you so much for shedding light on things for me, and helping me through this difficult time. I strongly recommend Two Sides Tarot.

- Lisa, 2014

What a fantastic reading I had from Marianne. Everything was so detailed and accurate, I would highly recommend her to everyone.

- Christine, 2014

I want to express appreciation and gratitude for a deeply intuitive empathic reading from Marianne. I felt deeply understood, like she had listened attentively and with compassion to my story through the cards. Her wisdom and insight and her sensitive and full response have left me with a sense of empowerment and a feeling of being honoured at a deep soul level.

- Larch, 2014

In February 2014 I had hit rock bottom with an unsolvable work predicament. The stress and frustration of it was manifesting in a horrible physical illness. As a treat for myself and to invite a new conversation into my life I ordered a New Moon reading. The cards were unexpected and Marianne's thoughtful and nuanced reading was a delight. I felt inspired on the first reading and supported in my challenges. It was a reading that I returned to many times over the first few days and I used it to help reframe my situation. It invited me to follow a different direction of action which I hadn't considered.

I found myself checking in with the reading as the moon became full to help me stay aligned and encouraged in the path. It felt like a whole new reading then! As the moon has waned I've been reflecting on the lessons this reading opened up for me. I got a lot out of my reading. I also got a lot out of re-engaging with a reading over several weeks. Most of all it was Marianne's compassionate and thoughtful interpretation that created a wonderful reading. My New Moon reading was great value and I recommend getting one if you're ready to try something different.

- Janine, 2014

Thank you so much to Marianne for a wonderfully detailed and insightful reading. This was my first tarot experience and it was a very engaging and rewarding experience. The reading I received was very punctual and incredibly thorough, and it cast a new light over experiences I was dealing with in my life. A great opportunity for reflection and inspiration, from a very generous source. Thank you Marianne for your kind insight.

- Jasmine, 2014

The content of the reading was dead-on and very helpful, but what I want to highlight is the context in which Marianne presented the information: Fabulous! I am someone who is all about self-examination – and the thing I really loved about my reading is the way in which it presented the context of the card, and the content by highlighting questions for me to examine and reflect upon. That was incredibly helpful as it gave me a solid understanding of how the cards may be playing/manifesting their energy in my life. I also appreciated the intuitive aspect of the reading and how Marianne was able to interweave one card to another to highlight/examine how the energy of the one maybe playing out in the other.

Truly one of the best readings I have received in both context and content!

- Kathleen, 2014

Now, it's not that I'm a skeptic, but I'm definitely one to hestitate at basing my life on a set of playing cards. Marianne's reading though, at a time when all seemed confused and contradictory, was a breath of fresh air and a well-needed reminder of the important things to consider. Her understanding of cosmological symbols and knowledge about the universal elements of the psyche enrich her readings to give an honest and thought-provoking insight into the was, is and could be. I am so grateful for her wisdom and will definitely ask for another reading in a few months!

- Sam, 2014

Marianne is thoughtful, thorough and constructive. Each card of my spread was carefully explained with suggestions as to its relation to other cards and their meaning in answering my questions. She was patient with my queries and I found her analysis to be right on the money. She walked me through the process to help my understanding of each card and its significance, and she really helped me make sense of the reading and what it meant for my life. Marianne's choice of deck and spread matched perfectly with what I needed, and her writing style made for an enthralling and engaging read. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Marianne's readings to anyone and everyone: the whole process has been an absolute joy, from straightforward ordering with my fairly vague question to discovering her delightful email the following day with a detailed reading full of clarity, insight and helpful recommendations.

- Olivia, 2013

My readings by Marianne have displayed not only a scholastic diligence but also a profound spiritual resonance. Through her divination I have found a stream of light and love - I wholeheartedly recommend this marvellous creature and her profound gifts.

- Richard, 2013

I hadn't really had Tarot readings before, and to be honest was pretty cynical, however Marianne's readings have been completely spot on in seeing the detail of what is going on in my life at any given time! As well, she gives great insight into how to deal with particular situations, and look at things from all angles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marianne's readings!

- Ashleigh, 2013

I hadn't had many readings before. But, when Marianne read my cards and explained what each meant in the broader scope of my life, my immediate situation, I felt a sense of assurance in having found guidance. Her reading felt like coming back home.

- Sergio, 2013

Marianne's reading was my first ever tarot experience and I'm thrilled to say she has got me hooked. She was so insightful and really helped me see my situation in a new light. What I loved most were the variety of references and examples that she used to help explain the cards. The reading in itself was an exciting journey which has propelled me to approach my question in the same way. 

- Anni, 2013

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