A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Happy Midsummer, fellow Southern Hemispherans! Let’s celebrate with a lil’ summer solstice tarot spread.

Today is the longest day of the year for us, the most daylight we can possibly get, the fullest sense of blooming, bright, hot light.

The long dark of winter is but a distant memory, and we here in Sydney are currently slipping on fallen jacaranda blooms, trying to find a socially distanced corner of the sand on a hot beach Saturday, dashing for cover under a sudden summer storm, and maybe (is this just me?) humming along with that distinctive cicada screech as the dusk falls later than ever.

This time of year always has a sense of fullness for me, as my little shop gets busy in anticipation of the holidays, and my offline life blooms with end of year catch ups, family gatherings, quests for the perfect gifts for my people, and a constant yearning to get outside and feel the sun on my SPF 50+ covered skin.

This year, with a pandemic afoot, that sense of blooming feels a little tempered by the events of the day. In Sydney, after weeks and even months of almost no spread, the possibility we might have a COVID problem brewing in some parts of the city is beginning to loom. Certainly, I’m not feeling quite as confident about celebrating the solstice in person as I may have a week ago.

I’m sure that’s a familiar story for many people experiencing the summer solstice this year. 2020 has given us a rich example of the fact that although these moments in the turning of the planet have common themes year after year, their manifestations are different across time and space. Sometimes we’re getting ready to cut a passionfruit-covered pavlova with our loved ones, and other times it’s smarter and safer to stay home alone, toasting on a zoom call instead.

One thing it is safe to do in almost all weathers, though, is to shuffle and draw some cards.

So, let’s talk tarot. Specifically, a summer solstice tarot spread for digging into this sense of fullness and ripeness and heat. 

CARD 1: What aspects of my life are coming into full bloom during this summer solstice? I’ve called this position Card 1, but in the spirit of fullness, you may wish to pull more cards here, two or three or five or more, as your intuition guides you.

CARD 2: What approach or action can I take to help bring a sense of fruition to these areas of my life? If you pulled multiple cards in the previous position, consider doing so again if that feels right to you.

CARD 3: How might I think about and act upon embodying light and heat and fullness in my community during this time?

CARD 4: What secret needs uncovering and tending in all this bright daylight?

CARD 5: What can I pack away safely in a box to revisit in the darker parts of the year, at the winter solstice?

Give it a whirl, and see what’s feeling bright and shiny for you on this long, long summer solstice day.

Whether you’re basking in the longest day or hunkering down in midwinter, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the half year just gone, and to think about what is illuminated and what is hidden. I wish you fruitful questioning, wherever you are!

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