Visions of the Muse: An Interview with Alejandra León

Today on the blog, I’m catching up with an indie tarot creator who has been making magic for a long, long time! 

Alejandra León’s Lioness Oracle Tarot was one of the first decks that I stocked at Two Sides Tarot, back when the shop opened its virtual doors in 2015. Now, happily, the Lioness Oracle Tarot has returned to the shop, along with two, newer oracle decks, Vision of the Muse and The Stars Divine. As it turns out, in the intervening years, Alejandra has been busy!

Read on to learn a little more about her art and cartomancy practice, and to find out more about her distinctive collaged decks (which you can now find in the shop, here!).

Hi Alejandra, thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with us here at Two Sides Tarot! First of all, could you introduce us and tell us a little about who you are, your work, and your art practice?

Hi! Glad to share. I love cats (I have two), fashion, music, everything mystical, and my family. I have lived in the Bay Area of California for 11 years. I work with hand collage, by sourcing discarded magazines. It is an extremely healing practice for me. I listen to music, drink tea and create a harmonious atmosphere. It is something I can always come back to and do from the comfort of my own home.

I also love a tarot origin story! How did you come to be interested in tarot, and how did that lead you to creating your own decks?

As a young girl everything witchy was attractive, but it wasn’t until I was a teen that I received a reading from a phenomenal Tarot reader, who helped me when I needed it. There was a mystical calling that was forming around then, and this set me on the path. While I was learning to read the Tarot I would read for everyone. It was a passionate hobby for years before anything professional happened. That wasn’t even the plan. That came much later, as did making a deck.

It’s been many moons now since you first made the Lioness Oracle, but I’d love to hear a little about what that process of creation was like! What did you hope to create or achieve by making your own deck?

My brother and father passed two years apart, and after my father left this world I was in a really dark place. I began to collage a few months after he was gone, and I found it so peaceful. I had collaged before but not in the same way. About a year later I realized that the images I was making were to become a Tarot deck. I felt called to do it, it is that simple.

In the years since you made the Lioness Oracle, you’ve also created two oracle decks, Vision of the Muse and The Stars Divine. What led you to make the leap from tarot to oracle? What do you like in an oracle deck, and what did you want the oracles you created to do?

The collage process kept flowing after the Tarot deck was finished, and since I love my oracle decks, I decided to make Vision of the Muse. It seemed refreshing and liberating after the Tarot deck, because oracle decks have no rules. You can create any theme you want.

The Stars Divine oracle is based on astrology. Could you tell us a little about your vision for bringing together the archetypes of astrology with the practice of using oracle cards? And is this deck best for people with some understanding of astrology, or is it accessible for beginners, too?

Astrology images began to flow out of me after Vision of the Muse. After several were made, I decided to commit to a whole deck. There was definitely more of a structure to it, because I decided that I wanted to be able to provide people a foundation in Astrology, through an accessible, colorful and fun tool. It is intended for both experienced and beginners. Astrologers with a practice can seamlessly include it in their practice, and beginners can play with the cards and reference the guidebook.

Cards from the Stars Divine Oracle

As is tradition around here, I must ask, apart from your own beautiful creations, what are the decks that have influenced your tarot work over the years? Any must-have desert island favorites, whether tarot or oracle?

I love Brian Froud’s Faery Oracle and The Enchanted Tarot. I’d bring those to an island. As far as influence, I definitely reference The Rider Waite Smith deck as far as Tarot goes, and I love how colorful the Morgan Greer version is.

How has working with your own decks (assuming you do!) informed or shifted your own tarot practice, whether for yourself or for clients?

It has helped open my intuition and creativity in reading, because I know my creations so well. I have developed readings with all three decks now, and people get their Astrology and Tarot read, with Oracle messages. It’s really cool and fun, while diving deep.

Cards from Vision of the Muse Oracle

What kind of experience do you hope folks working with your deck will have? What messages would you like your work to impart?

Self-love and nurturing, self-discovery, and healing are what I hope folks receive, with a sprinkle of inspiration and magic.


Amen to that! If you’d like to keep up with Alejandra, or learn more about her work, you can find her on instagram at @thelionessoracle, and visit her website at

And, of course, you can Alejandra’s beautiful decks available to purchase here at Two Sides Tarot.

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