Apprentice Essences is kind of a Two Sides Tarot side project.


Throughout the blighted and strange year that was 2020, I found myself tangling with some personal and spiritual questions. Namely:

  1. What strategies do I have to take better care of my spiritual and subtle bodies during this challenging time?
  2. How can I ground and contextualise my spiritual practice more firmly in the natural and non-human world?

I wrestled with these questions in a zine I published in late 2020. Shortly after completing that work, I found myself called to experiment with energetic essences, as a way to connect with and learn from my environment, and tend to my spirit.


Essences are a form of energetic magic.

Pioneered by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th century (you might be familiar with the Bach flower remedies), essences operate on the principle that plants and flowers contain certain energetic qualities.

Respectful engagement with a plant gives the practitioner the opportunity to transfer the energy of those qualities into water, which is then preserved and can be diluted and taken for any number of emotional and spiritual ailments.

Essences can also be made from creatures, places, times of day, seasons, environments, weather events, feelings, moments.

Essences are medicine for the emotional and spiritual body. They are a medicine of ideas, metaphors, stories. They are medicine made of shared ecology, respectful interaction, mutual care.


Right now, Apprentice Essences is a container for me to explore, learn, and share this journey.

I chose to call this project Apprentice Essences, because learning and discovery are central to it. Nature has a lot to teach us, if we choose to listen.

In early 2021, I completed my certification in Bach Flower Essences, and I hope to continue to deepen my study and experience this year and beyond. I wanted to create a container in which I could write and and explore and share, and connect with others interested in this practice.


In more concrete terms, it’s a letter.

Apprentice Essences is currently taking the form of an occasional newsletter, in which I’ll share writing and processing and exploration as I undertaking my essence-making work. Think reflections on plants, seasons, spiritual work, essence making practice, place-based devotions.

If you like thoughtful, personal, infrequent newsletters, and you’d like to join me on this journey (I’d love to have you!), I invite you to sign up below. Your info will only be used to send you Apprentice Essence letters, nothing else.

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