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LILIFER is the first tarot published by Marion Costentin of Little Darkness. Read an interview with this indie tarot creator here!

Lilifer was inspired by early tarot decks, the occult tradition and the creator’s own magickal practice.

It features 22 major arcanes, 56 minor arcanes and comes with a booklet of card meanings and tables of correspondences.

Also, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the deck now includes two additional cards, one for Lucifer and one for Lilith.

From the artist: 

I’m an intuitive artist, meaning I let my hands roam free and through my work I express much more than my own truth: I often channel forces bigger than myself, and that’s how Lilifer was born.

The name came to me during a morning ritual. It felt like a gift from which a whole world soon unfolded: I began painting a variety of characters embodying in their own peculiar ways a variety of roles and identities: Lilifer is a made-up entity that contains the whole universe

The structure of Lilifer borrows from the Tarot de Marseille, therefore Justice is the 8th card while Strength is the 11th card. This choice is a tribute to my French heritage, although you may refer to another system of interpretation if so inclined.

Because I am also fond of the Waite-Smith tarot, you will notice that the pip cards are evocative and seem to tell a story, rather than relying solely on esoteric numerology. 

Lilifer is a free-flowing deck with a unique voice. It takes root in various forms of the tarot and isn’t attached to a specific school of thought.

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