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NUMINOUS – surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious.

The Numinous Tarot, by creator Cedar McCloud, is a deck that strives to bring a variety of experiences to the wonderfully complex symbolism of the Tarot. Rendered in beautiful and luminous watercolor and inks, the Numinous Tarot shows the beauty of diversity in the world, from body type, ability, race, to gender identity and expression. These things are not used as symbols in and of themselves; rather, they are there to show the infinite ways that all people can experience magic and mystery, especially those who are often excluded from it.

The Numinous Tarot is a 79-card Tarot deck with fully illustrated pips and one extra card called The Numinous. The suits, court cards, and some of the Major Arcana have been renamed to fit the mystical theme of the deck and/or remove gendered titles.

The new edition of the Numinous Tarot will be printed on quality 350gsm cardstock with a textured matte linen finish. The cards are standard Tarot size, 2.75″x4.75″. 

There will also be a new version of the extra card in the deck, the 79th card, The Numinous.

The 2021 edition comes in a newly designed box, which is a sturdy two-piece box made to fit both the cards and the book at just over 4″x6″ (about 10x15cm). It has a long ribbon under the deck to help you pull the cards and the book out.

The new edition of the Numinous Tarot Guidebook is 4″x6″ and 230 pages.

It features 1-2 page interpretations for all 79 cards, plus sections on Tarot reading basics, the Numinous Tarot suits and court titles, spreads, and more. It is written using gender neutral language, from a queer, feminist perspective. The card interpretations also feature a particular emphasis on shadow work, mental health, self-discovery, and personal growth. Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith style of reading, but also fairly removed from it.

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