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When I started Two Sides Tarot back in 2013, my tag line was, “Discover new sides to your story.” This little business has changed a bit over the years, but my philosophy as a tarot reader remains the same.

A tarot reading is an opportunity for discovery, for writing new scripts, for exploring the possibilities inherent within us. Turning cards is a way to enter unexplored territories, and to tell new stories that we can use to shape new realities if we wish. 

The content of the reading was dead-on and very helpful, but what I want to highlight is the context in which Marianne presented the information: Fabulous! I am someone who is all about self-examination – and the thing I really loved about my reading is the way in which it presented the context of the card, and the content by highlighting questions for me to examine and reflect upon. That was incredibly helpful as it gave me a solid understanding of how the cards may be playing/manifesting their energy in my life. I also appreciated the intuitive aspect of the reading and how Marianne was able to interweave one card to another to highlight/examine how the energy of the one maybe playing out in the other.

Truly one of the best readings I have received in both context and content! – Kathleen

What is my approach?

My approach to tarot is highly practical. I am not a psychic. I don’t use the cards to predict your future, because I don’t believe in fate. It’s much more interesting to me to explore how you can become the author of your own life story.

Your reading will focus on:

  • Reflecting on your situation to seek new perspectives
  • Uncovering practical actions you can take
  • Looking for resources that you can draw on
  • Exploring strategies you can adopt to support and care for yourself during times of change and challenge
  • Making room for what needs to be held or witnessed or allowed to unfold

Adjacent to this approach to agency and empowerment through tarot, my personal politics means that I acknowledge systems of limitation and oppression that we all live inside and experience in different ways. I aim to bring a sense of awareness and sensitivity to these systemic factors to my interpretation of the cards. 

While I lean towards the practical, as a tarot reader, I am also interested in the unresolvable, mutable, unnameable qualities of existence. I believe a tarot reading can be a helpful container within which we can sit with the slippery, contradictory, unfixed, undefinable aspects of life, the “yes, and…”, the grey areas, the imaginal, the liminal. 

I can’t thank you enough for how in-depth, thoughtful and wise your reading was – not to mention beautifully written! I learned a very important lesson in it – that our power to change our circumstances really lies within our power to look at and change ourselves. This is where our responsibility and the solution is, and we can forget this, sometimes! I feel like I have a much better perspective now – more understanding, compassion and patience for this situation. – Lauren

So, whether it’s a question of romance or a tricky creative dilemma or a challenging spiritual discovery you’d like some help to sit with, I’d love to dive in and explore your story with you!

Wait, how does it work?

  • You choose the type of reading that suits you, from a variety of options designed to suit different needs and different budgets.
  • After purchasing your reading, you’ll be sent an intake form, where you have the chance to ask your question and provide any extra information you’d like me to know.
  • Your reading will be delivered as a written PDF (including a photo of your cards) within 7 days, so you have your reading to keep and refer back to whenever you like. 

Wow, wow, and wow! Marianne your reading was so dead on, it was like getting advice from an old friend. Thank you so much for shedding light on things for me, and helping me through this difficult time. I strongly recommend Two Sides Tarot. – Lisa

Sound like your jam, your cup of tea, the sort of thing that floats your boat? Great! You can find all of the available reading options by clicking the button below. I’d love to cast some cards for you!

And now for the boring (but still important) bits:

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a tarot reading.

A tarot reading is not a substitute for appropriate medical, legal or other professional advice. If I believe you will be better served by another kind of professional, I will cancel your reading and issue a full refund.

I do not do third party readings, which means I will not read on what someone else is thinking, intending, or doing. You’re the main character here, so we’ll keep it focused on you. 

Tarot readings from Two Sides Tarot are a conversation between two people and the cards, and are intended for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees are made, other than to deliver tarot services purchased as described. By ordering a tarot reading, you accept full responsibility for any action you take following your reading.

Readings are offered in good faith, and no refunds will be issued for services that have been delivered.

I reserve the right to refuse any reading at my discretion, and in the very rare event that this occurs, will issue a full refund. 

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